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Delivery Available in Vista, CA


Looking for that special plant? We probably have it. Ready for delivery. Locally and Regionally Grown Getting plants from our local grower nursery.

Even though our plant nursery is in Vista, CA, for your convenience we do deliver our wonderful plants and trees across the country depending on weather conditions.  From house plants to office plants to unique tropical plants, we have the freshest plants online.

So we do apologize for the inconvenience but due to extreme and inclement weather, we cannot deliver to every part of the country where it is harmfully cold to the plant.  Please check with us before you order if you have a question about the cold weather where you live. Keep in mind we try to group deliveries together geographically to save time, money, effort and especially fuel. If we save money, you save money too.

Most products are shipped throughout the year unless specified as “Spring” or “Fall” Delivery. On rare occasions, we will delay shipping if we see severe weather forecasts for your area or ours or if we encounter other unusual issues.  If you do have a delayed item, we would be happy to send your other items sooner at your request.

As your premeir wholesale plant nursery, we specialize in Avocado Trees, Citrus Trees, Deciduous Trees, Indoor Tropical Plants and Delivery Available. For the best Wholesale Plant Nursery with Delivery Available from Vista, CA, call and come visit us today! Clausen Nursery, Inc.


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